Pounds for Prevention Fundraiser

Starting January 6th, I am starting a fundraiser. I will be the event. LOL!

Let me explain. Since my stint with breast cancer in 2010, I have really been struggling with my weight and have since gained a lot. I decided that this year was the year that I get into shape. Then I thought, why stop there? Let’s give back!! Let’s make it a fundraiser for breast cancer and then you all can make "pledge per pound" donations to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, a cause near and dear to my heart. It's a win win! 

Please help me help others!

Sabrina Weeks

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My Fundraising Goal:$1,000
Total Raised:$630.00
Robinson, Ross$100.00
Almond, Vince$50.00
Gieruszczak, John$50.00
Mccracken, Beth$50.00
Tait, Don$50.00
Weeks, Hannelore$50.00
Weldon, Denise & Destiny$50.00
Mayo, Sara$40.00
Pound, Kevin$40.00